There are seven stages in a movement – when it reaches stage five, it is actually considered a full-fledged church planting movement. Today we explore stages 1-4.

In the first stage of the Church Planting Movement (CPM) continuum, a team is established on the ground and working to establish new first-generation believers and churches.

The second stage of CPMs is defined by second-generation churches that have been started by first-generation churches.

The third stage of CPMs, Breakthrough, is defined by the consistent planting of second-generation churches and some third-generation churches.

A movement reaches Stage 4 when it is planting consistent 3rd generation churches, and some 4th generation churches, in multiple discipleship streams.

Follow along this week for a profile of a stage 2/3 movement in South Asian, and next week to learn about stages 5-7 in a movement.

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