“I want people to know that providing these houses might be the only down time a missionary may have, and it doesn’t seem like a big deal, but it really really is.”

Angie and Kevin Weigelt have been missionaries for 13 years. The couple is originally from Canada but moved to Romania in 2008 as missionaries. The All Nations Guest Houses have given the Weigelt family a place to call home when they choose to visit the States.

“We fell in love with All Nations because we knew the leaders and we felt like part of a family right from the start,” Angie said. “We felt cared for, loved, and looked after. We’ve traveled all over for years and can safely say that no one takes care of missionaries like All Nations does.”

The Value of the Guest Houses

The Weigelt family has stayed in the Guest Houses five times. Every two years their family furloughs (returns home for a break from the mission field) and they enjoy coming to Kansas City. Sometimes the All Nations Guest House is the only place where their family has the entire house to themselves. They love the fire pit and the front porch.

“Even though there are four of us, it’s amazing to have the All Nations home to ourselves,” Angie told us. “No matter how much a person welcomes our family into their home, there is nothing like having our own space. It’s amazing to have it. I have my own kitchen space, so I can decide what my kids are eating and cook for different food intolerances.”

Traveling home can be a financial burden for missionaries, but All Nations housing options alleviate this obstacle. Many times, missionaries must spend money on hotels or Airbnb’s, which can be difficult to navigate. Over the course of a few months, the Weigelt’s often meet with between 50-100 different individuals and churches. This makes them appreciative for a place of their own at the end of the day to relax and decompress.

“Having a place you can call your own, that you can settle down in and rest in without any expectations or requirements is so life-giving, encouraging, and helpful,” Angie said.

Support Missionaries through Giving to Repair the Guest Houses

Supporting the All Nations Guest Houses means more missionaries from all over the world will have comfortable furloughs. Often, missionaries are expected to take the “leftovers” when it comes to housing accommodations. We want to provide the opposite at the All Nations Guest Houses, and we are raising funds this holiday season to ensure missionaries have a quality place to stay.

“Being able to stay at these houses communicates value to us. All Nations Guest Houses are safe and nice, and this shows the heart of All Nations towards us,” Angie shared.

Please join us in continuing to support the Weigelt family and others who stay in the houses by making a year-end gift toward our Revive campaign. Funds will go to making much-needed repairs and updates to the Guest Houses.

Ways to Pray

Additionally, please be in prayer for the Weigelts in these specific ways:.

“Please pray for our upcoming homeschooling year. We have a very intense year ahead of us, and it is even much more challenging while doing missions. Pray for grace and strength for my children to do well. For my husband, pray for favor and connections for networking. He wants to network in Europe to provide church planting training, so please pray for divine appointments.”

Help us revive the All Nations Guest Houses! Visit this page to make a year-end, holiday gift that will go toward much-needed repairs and updates.

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