More testimonials

“We came into training saying we were just going to live in Asia as Christians. We are leaving calling ourselves missionaries! My expectations and hopes have increased a lot. I am expecting to see God do great things and change many lives. We expected one or maybe two years in Asia. Now we have no idea how long we will be overseas!”


“I knew that CPx was a little language training, a little culture training, and a little ministry training. I was also told it would change my life and it would be amazing. And it has been an amazing life changer!”


“The simplicity of sharing Jesus stories was such a new and dynamic paradigm for me personally. I am so encouraged by the truth that Jesus can use anyone to advance His kingdom. I loved the concept of Discipleship-Group and the simple process we were given to lead this type of group. The thought of being a missionary seems less intimidating. Also, the language and culture classes were incredibly helpful!”​


“I think I loved it because a lot of what you taught was stuff I had wanted to be true for a long time, and here I found out that other people think that stuff too and it actually works!”


“I’ve sat through a lot of missionary trainings, but I’ve never wanted to implement or remember any of them until this one.”