Vision, Mission, and Values

Our vision is to see Jesus worshiped by all the peoples of the earth.

Our mission is to make disciples and train leaders to ignite church planting movements among the neglected peoples of the earth.

All Nations Kansas City Values

Living in Loving Obedience to Jesus and His Commands

Jesus told us to teach people to obey everything He has commanded. We seek to love and obey Jesus in all that we do.

Holy Spirit Led

Our best strategies are nothing compared to following the Holy Spirit. We believe the Holy Spirit can and will speak to us and lead us through prayer, Scripture, images, impressions, and other means. We aim to know Scripture well, listen for guidance and His perspective in all decisions and interactions, affirm his guidance with others, and quickly follow his lead.

Simple, Reproducible Multiplication

We strive to create, grow, and communicate our procedures, trainings, discipleship, churches, and other efforts in their simplest form so they can reproduce and multiply.

Working for the Good of Others

We express love by actively seeking the good of others – our neighbors, other believers, God, and our enemies. We look for ways to serve the people we interact with daily and those who come to us seeking help or resources. We are willing to step outside of our own comfort zone or particular role and to be interrupted to bless others and God.

Every Believer Plays a Part

The gifts of all believers are needed to equip the body of Christ to grow into maturity in Christ. We seek to sow all five of the functions in Ephesians 4 (apostle, prophet, evangelist, shepherd, teacher) into everything we do. We value all – men, women, and children – to use their gifts to the glory of God. We seek to understand, celebrate and build up the strengths of others – those similar and wildly different from us. We direct people to roles where they can use their God-given gifts and take initiative to strengthen our own gifts and skills.


We attempt to obey Jesus’ commands and do everything with excellence, which is a sustained dedicated pursuit of our God-given potential.