Senders University

Senders have a high and lofty calling in Jesus. Paul says in Romans 10:15, “And how will anyone go and tell them without being sent?”

Senders are crucial to seeing the Great Commission is accomplished. The problem is that while we have historically placed a great deal of emphasis on Goers, we have rarely recognized, called out, encouraged, or trained the Senders.

Senders University

(Senders U) is designed to explore why Senders are an important part of a team and give ideas on how they can be involved in taking the good news to the last remaining unengaged people groups on earth.

How do we pray well?

What training is needed?

How do we promote wholistic health for those on the field?

How do we develop a wartime mentality and make strategic decisions in the battle that we are waging against a real enemy?

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