Church Planting Experience

Church Planting eXperience (CPx) is designed to teach you the heart of simple church planting.

CPx teaches how to plant basic, essential churches that are easy to teach locals to lead. Because we teach the core of the Christian message, these churches rapidly multiply through people groups!

CPx does not require any particular background or credential. Jesus chose common fishermen as his first followers. Then, he taught them to be leaders and sent them out to tell others about him.

In CPx, you will learn practical ways to make disciples who make other disciples. Whole movements of church planting — churches sharing Jesus and rapidly multiplying — are igniting throughout the world. Entire people groups are coming to know Jesus and following him for the first time. They are movements started by cultural outsiders that are quickly taken over by local leadership, local energy, local worship, and local flavor. If you have a heart for missions, CPx is a great place to start.

Why CPx?

There are a lot of organizations that only provide training, and there are also a lot of missions boards that are only willing to send out workers who meet their various requirements. All Nations provides both training and sending — in fact the whole process: we stick with a person from the first moment they think about missions, through their training and their first field experiences, all the way through their long-term placement and eventual project completion. We don’t just commit to train you; we commit to caring for you through every season of your life as a missionary. CPx is the first step in beginning a great relationship!

What You’ll Learn and Do

CPx is a three-week intensive classroom experience with an optional nine month internship afterwards. Though not required, graduates of CPx are encouraged to couple their experience with a nine month coached internship in a field setting customized to their heart, their needs, and their calling. Our coaches are all experienced, and can relate to the struggles and joys of first-time field workers.

CPx is holistic, practical, and personal. We aim to train the head, heart, and hands in 7 abilities:

  • Abide with Jesus Christ
  • Militant, passionate prayer
  • Be a healthy person on a healthy team
  • Engage neglected peoples
  • Honor other cultures
  • Share the Good News
  • Ignite and shepherd church planting movements

Apply for Upcoming CPx Trainings


Summer CPx 2023: Kansas City

06/11/2023 - 07/01/2023 | All Day

Church Planting eXperience (CPx) is designed to teach you the heart of simple church planting!

Fall CPx 2023: Kansas City

10/08/2023 - 10/28/2023 | All Day

Church Planting eXperience (CPx) is designed to teach you the heart of simple church planting!

CPx Pricing

Per Person


Per Couple


Kids (0-12): $300 for the first child; $100 for each additional child
Teens (13-17): $500

The cost of CPx includes three weeks of training, accommodations (if needed), three lunches each week, and also all costs of Pastoral Care and Internship coaching for the year following your CPx! While we do not usually give scholarships, we do offer discounts on the following scale: Trainees from developing nations currently residing in developing nations may pay 1/3 of normal tuition; Trainees from developing nations currently residing in more developed nations may pay 2/3 of normal tuition.

CPx Schedule

Students meet Monday to Friday, 8:30am to 5pm for teaching, worship, discussion, and growth. Saturdays are also filled with special activities! You will have two Sabbath days off. Count on being engaged the rest of the time!

CPx Tuition

Training tuition payments are NOT tax deductible. Funds raised for outreach trips overseas are tax deductible.

Paying Tuition by Personal Check

We prefer that you pay your tuition by check. Make out checks to “All Nations” and include a note indicating your name, your address and the name of the program you wish the payment to go towards. Do NOT write in the memo line of your check. Please mail all tuition payments to:

All Nations
PO Box 55
Grandview, MO 64030

Paying Tuition Online

You may pay your tuition online using Credit Card, ACH, or PayPal.



You are someone who wants a practical, hands-on program about how to start Christ-centered communities around the world. You have basic knowledge of the Bible and are mature in your walk with Christ.

We are experienced overseas church planters who want to equip you through interactive discussion, classroom times, and special exercises.


Church Planting eXperience (CPx) is a practical missions training that will teach you how to be a long-term, cross-cultural, holistic church planter. You’ll learn how to share Jesus with people from many different cultures and languages. You’ll learn to respect local cultures and customs while elevating new local believers to positions of leadership in churches. You’ll learn how to be a life-long learner who listens to the guiding and leading of the Holy Spirit in your life.


CPx is offered 2-3 times a year in Kansas City, and sometimes in other locations. Graduates are encouraged to begin a customized nine month internship after CPx is completed.

See the list below for upcoming dates and locations.


At the All Nations’ office in Kansas City:
300 E 39th St
Suite LL1J
Kansas City, MO 64111

How much does it cost?

$2000 per person. Couples receive a discount and pay only $3000 for both people. Participants are encouraged to do fundraising to meet the cost of the tuition. To help lower overall costs, we provide housing for many (but not necessarily all) students during the training, on a first-come, first-serve basis. This helps keep costs down and helps students to form mentoring relationships with other members of the All Nations family.

Am I too young or too old?

There are no age requirements to attend CPx. As long as you are mature in the Lord and able to handle the rigors of travel, that’s good enough for us!

Do I have to have a college degree to attend CPx?

No. There are no previous educational requirements to attend CPx. Participants are expected to have basic knowledge of the Bible and a personal relationship with Jesus, but no degrees or denominational memberships are required.

What about my kids?

Kids who are not in school are allowed to come to the program with Mom and Dad. After all, house churches take place in families with kids around! For CPx in Kansas City, we do offer age-appropriate Kids CPx programming that runs alongside adult classroom times. As much as possible, husbands and wives are encouraged to attend the program together. If your kids are old enough to participate in the program (we’ve had kids as young as 11 do the entire program with their Mom and Dad), we can negotiate a price for you all based on the number of kids you have. Email us for details and costs.

What if I've already attended seminary? Is CPx too easy?

No. Many students come to us after earning advanced seminary degrees. The program has some very minor overlap with seminary programs but is mostly practical and hands-on, offering a different approach than most seminary courses.

How do I pay the tuition?

We prefer that you pay your tuition by check and mail it to the same address as your application, or pay through our PayPal account. For more information about this, see our Tuition section.

Have More Questions?

Email us for more information