Church Planting

What is it, and where is God leading you?

The What

We are all created uniquely, and called to follow God in ways that honor how He made us. Does it seem likely – or unlikely – that YOU could be a church planter based on your gifts? We invite you to consider the roles below are required for church planting to succeed.

Undergirding all these roles of church planters are senders, who are also on the church planting team. Senders also can fit into these four categories. Even if you’re not going to the field, consider which role of a sender most describes you!

There is not just one gifting required for a church planting team, but many! Where might you fit?

A Wild Stallion is mobile and nimble. She likes the freedom to act. She ignites movements, and only wants light coaching.

Are you a Wild Stallion?

Special Ops people ignite movements. They like being on a small, nimble team. They are strategic and practical, and want thorough coaching.

Are you Special Ops?

A Construction Worker supports movements. He is on a larger, slower team. He serves the team, and wants some coaching.

Are you a Construction Worker?

Hub Workers support field workers. They coach others and are on a small, focused team. They are full-time senders.

Are you a Hub Worker?

The Where

All Nations’ mission is to make disciples and train leaders to ignite church planting movements among the neglected peoples on the earth. There are neglected peoples who remain in most countries, and we would love to talk more with you about different locations. You could join a team in some locations, and begin one in others. Where is God leading you?