Written by Robb, who ministers to Algerians in Kansas City and is an All Nations Pastoral Care Coach

Weighing the Truth

I will always remember Abdul*, a Muslim Algerian friend who came to know Jesus. Abdul was weighing the truth of the gospel, fascinated by the believers he had met and reading the Scriptures and ever curious. He had recently been diagnosed with a rare blood cancer.

Over the next weeks he surrendered to Jesus, experiencing a rich encounter with the Holy Spirit. His wife also began following Jesus over the next couple of months. They were baptized together last August. Abdul died from cancer on December 5, 2021.

Bold to the End

Before he died he kept saying he preferred life with Jesus – even fighting cancer – over life in Islam. He shared Jesus with all of his Muslim friends and his family until the day he went home with the Lord. He is survived by his wife and two small children, and they are growing in the grace and love of the Father.

When I asked the Lord about Abdul, I heard Him whisper, “I looked over the Muslims in your city and saw a man whose days were numbered. I chose to have mercy on him and his family!” The power of his testimony and rich fruits of his life remain… to the glory of the King!

*Name changed for security

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