I Saw The Messiah!

By 06/23/2014May 14th, 2015Stories

i-saw-the-messiahHara is a Syrian widow with 5 kids. She and her family fled the country months ago to escape the violence. They’re struggling to survive as they deal with heart-breaking losses.

Hara asked, “Will you tell me more about Jesus? I’ve been reading about him in the book you gave me (the Bible). I want to know more about him!” We shared, and she grinned as she listened to the stories. Later, she had a dream: “I saw the Messiah! He looked deep into my eyes and said, ‘I want what is rightfully mine.’ What do you think it means?” We prayed with her that God would show her the meaning of the dream. “He’s showing me He wants to renew and refresh my heart!” she said.

A few days later, we visited again and told the story of Jesus calming the storm. They felt so encouraged that God will protect them if they have faith, just like Jesus did for the disciples. Hara asked us for another Bible–she’s already given hers away to a cousin who’s curious about Jesus, too.

We’re seeing an incredible openness among Syrians about Jesus. Based on the reports from people on the ground, we believe God is sparking something historic in the Arab world. He is bringing many, many people to Jesus in stunning ways!

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