All Nations Trains with Excellence

One reason All Nations missionaries like All Nations is because we train with excellence. Here, we share how new trainees compare All Nations’ training with other training they received, as well as other missionaries’ words about our training. This post is part of a series on why our missionaries like ANKC – read about how we take seriously the mandate to care for one another, and look out for future posts on how we focus on movements among neglected peoples and we make kingdom work accessible to all, and how we include and train kids.


We asked two trainees who attended our three week Church Planting Experience (CPx) training in June to share how our training compared to training they’d received from another sending organization. We were encouraged by their response!

How All Nations’ Training Compares

1. CPx is very practical and applicable. “In our previous training, we learned from brilliant teachers, but we didn’t feel like we could take that teaching and do something practical with it. CPx has given us so many helpful tools that we can use on the field!”

2. CPx has a strong focus on communicating the Gospel across cultures. “We had already learned about culture and culture shock, but here we learned how to adapt our communication of the Good News so people of different cultures can truly grasp Jesus and how to follow Him.”

3. CPx instructors have a lot of wisdom from real life field experience. “Those who taught us have actually been out there, among neglected peoples, doing the stuff. There’s so much value in that.”

4. All Nations is flexible in the process of training and launching people to the field. “In our previous experience, the training process was one-size-fits-all. But All Nations is open to adapting to help each missionary get the experience and support they really need.”

Other Missionaries on All Nations’ Training

One of the most helpful things that All Nations taught me was salty statements. I get asked “what are you doing here” basically every day from taxi drivers, teachers, and random people on the street. It is great to give them a simple answer and put God at the center of it. Sometimes they tell me I’m crazy and move on, but oftentimes I get to have a small conversation about God’s love for all people.”

– Joe, missionary in the Middle East

“Being part of All Nations has helped me in so many ways in fulfilling my calling to make Jesus known to every nation. It is a great opportunity to be part of All Nations where you can learn how to share the gospel and make disciples using very simple but powerful methods. All Nations has provided me with so much knowledge and skills…. With this help we are able to reach the lost, least and the unreached people groups and make Jesus known. We are so grateful to the All Nations team.”

– Fred, Zambian missionary in Zambia

“We started collaborating with several sending organizations before we met staff from All Nations. When we saw the empowering way in which All Nations trains leaders to ignite movements and really work themselves out of a job so that God’s work can progress multiplicatively, we were all in with All Nations!”

– Jay, preparing to work with Tibetan Buddhists

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