From Our Leaders: Podcasts to Grow Leadership

By 10/31/2022January 5th, 2023Leadership, Teaching

Joshua Johnson, Co-Director of the All Nations Kansas City Hub, is also the host of the podcast Shifting Culture. In the podcast, Joshua has had over 70 in-depth conversations about the culture we create and the impact we can make as Christian leaders. Here, he shares six interviews that have particularly impacted his leadership. We invite you to listen along!

Jaime Winship – Finding Your True Identity

On the importance of knowing who you are and leading out of a secure identity. Listen here!

Mark Scandrette – The Ninefold Path of Jesus

On helping others discover how to embody the ways of Jesus. Discovery and practice as a posture of leadership. Listen here!

Tod Bolsinger – Leading Towards Adaptive Change

On leading in the unknown, and adaptive leadership to navigate uncertainty. Listen here!

JR Woodward – Imitating Christ: Desire, Belonging, and the Powers

On making sure our desire is in Christ alone – or we will disciple others towards something else. Listen here!

Shaila Visser – Jesus is Good, Following Him is Rich, Finding Hope in Him is Real

On our role in the kingdom of God. (Episode 34) Listen here!

Drew Hyun – Emotionally Healthy Spirituality

On the importance of rest and emotional health. (Episode 41) Listen here!

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