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By 11/03/2022November 16th, 2022Inspiration

In November we will be sharing some books that we recommend to prospective missionaries – that will equip, inspire, and educate them as they seek to use their gifts in and for the kingdom of God in a different culture.

*We will be updating this post as November 2022 progresses – keep checking back for more recommendations!

Book Theme: Movement DNA

Contagious Disciple Making: Leading Others on a Journey of Discovery, by David Watson and Paul Watson

David Watson has been a practitioner of contagious disciple making around the world for over 45 years.. His son, Paul, grew up around the world and has developed curriculum and been a trainer for church planters. Their book is a wonderful introduction to the method they have used to equip spiritual leaders and plant homegrown churches! Find it here.

Stick Figures Save the World: Drawing Simply to Share Jesus Well, by Dr. Pam Arlund

Have you ever tried to share your faith but struggled, not really knowing what to say? This book by All Nations’ own Dr. Pam Arlund equips even the newest follower of Jesus to pass on Jesus stories! Find it here.

Ministering Cross Culturally: A Model for Effective Personal Relationships

This excellent book will help you understand foundations of cultural values, and how you can adjust to share Jesus powerfully and effectively! Find it here.

The Untold Story of the New Testament Church, by Frank Viola

Discover the missionary journeys of the book of Acts, and the corresponding challenges faced by the early church. You will never read the NT the same again! Find it here.

Book Theme: Stories That Inspire

Bruchko, by Bruce Olson

When Bruce Olson was 19, he bought a one-way ticket to South America and traveled into the uncharted jungles of northeast Colombia. There, he found the Motilones, a fierce, primitive Indian tribe. Though Olson had no official sponsorship from a missions board or organization, in the ensuing years, he established medical clinics and schools for the tribe. He has translated Scripture into their language, and he has led many of them in accepting Christ as their Savior. Find it here.

End of the Spear, by Steve Saint

When the same tribe that killed his father asks Steve to help them, Steve, his wife, and their teenage children move back to the jungle. There, Steve learns long-buried secrets about his father’s murder, confronts difficult choices, and finds himself caught between two worlds. “End of the Spear” brilliantly chronicles the continuing story that first captured the world’s attention in the bestselling book, “Through Gates of Splendor.” Find it here.

Peace Child, by Don Richardson

In 1962, Don and Carol Richardson risked their lives to share the gospel with the Sawi people of New Guinea. Peace Child tells their unforgettable story of living among these headhunters and cannibals, who valued treachery through fattening victims with friendship before the slaughter. God gave Don and Carol the key to the Sawi hearts via a redemptive analogy from their own mythology. The “peace child” became the secret to unlocking a value system that had existed through generations. Find it here.

Book Theme: Abiding with Jesus

Living Fearless, by Jamie Winship

Unpacking the power of knowing our true identity in Christ, Winship takes us on a journey of telling ourselves the truth, changing our mindsets, and experiencing actual life transformation that leads to radical courage in the face of all that life throws at us. With humor, clarity, and real-life practicality, Living Fearless is your invitation to listen closely to what God is trying to say to you about himself, about the person he created you to be-and also about all those other people he created and loves. Find it here.

The Prayer Course, by 24-7 Prayer

This is not a book, but a free web-based video series. It was produced by 24-7 Prayer and is based on Pete Greig’s book, How to Pray.
This eight week journey will guide you or your community through the Lord’s Prayer to deepen your prayer life. Not only are the video sessions excellent, there are also many other resources available to encourage you in prayer. Find it here.

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