Becoming a Disciple of Jesus in Persecuted Countries

By 06/03/2014May 14th, 2015Stories

coming-to-faith-in-persecuted-countriesWhat’s it like sharing one’s faith in a persecuted country? ​One of our field workers shared a story of Jesus’ forgiveness with a man of Muslim background. He had heard about God’s law and judgment all his life. Tears streamed down his cheeks as he heard about God’s mercy for the first time. We’re excited to see how the Holy Spirit continues to move in his heart and life, showing him a God bigger than he’d ever imagined!

In another persecuted nation, one of our field workers started a Bible study with a group of non-Christian students. One girl, Dee, was very hardheaded though she learned all the Jesus stories and even defended Christians when others talked bad about them. Then our field worker asked Dee to help facilitate the seeker Bible studies as they had grown to include a lot of students. Even though Dee was not a disciple of Jesus, she was still excited about the stories and enjoyed explaining the Trinity and other concepts to her classmates.
Finally, about a week before the school break, Dee came up to our field worker and said, “I’ve done it!” She’d committed her life to Jesus not just as a concept but as a Person to follow.

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