COVID Response: Slums in South Asia

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On Giving Tuesday, May 5, 2020, we asked people to give to the work of All Nations’ frontline missionaries who are actively responding to the COVID crisis. We received a bit over $4000. 100% of those funds have gone to our missionaries who are actively providing relief in response to COVID.

Through this relief, our frontline missionaries are bringing the hope of Jesus to those filled with fear and despair. This is the second of four reports from the field relating how these funds have been used, from Suroj* in South Asia. Suroj and his family of six are from South Asia, and have pioneered a church plant.

South Asia: Relief in the Slums

My family has been working in slum areas in our city. We have people coming to our church from these areas. During COVID-19 many people who were laborers working for daily wages lost their jobs. Therefore there was a need for food in families in our church, and also in families outside our church.

We had been helping as we could, but as the situation kept getting worse after two months of lockdown, we shared our need with All Nations. We were surprised and thankful when they quickly replied and sent a donation of $500 from those who gave to this fund.

With that money, young people in the church helped pack and buy food for 15 families. The food will feed these families for a full month. We cannot express our gratitude, or theirs. We see God’s hand taking care of people.

This is the story of one of the families:

As we were distributing the food packets to the families in and outside the slums, we came across a very small hut. We learned there was a very old lady living there with four young children. The children’s father had died and their mother had abandoned them to the old lady. She now had to feed them. To do this, she had been sitting beside the road and begging, and would also pick up paper and plastic to sell.

She was not allowed to go out of her house because of the lockdown, which meant she did not have any food for her or the children. We thank God that we saw her house and her needs. We believe God took us to this lady as she was in great need.

If you would like to link arms with frontline missionaries who are bringing the hope of Jesus to those filled with fear and despair, you can still give to this fund here.

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