Written by Frankie, an All Nations missionary in Europe

Small Children and Practical Realities

As a missionary with a family and small children, we needed special training, and different methods than single missionaries are able to utilize.

When we first began on the field it was hard to communicate because we didn’t know the language, and it was very difficult to meet with Farsi speaking Muslim refugees in the camps. They were far across town, lived in small spaces, and with small children we struggled to have a genuine relationship with those we met.

Opening Our Home

As time passed, my wife and I began using our gifts. I have pastoral gifts and a desire to connect with young men from Afghanistan, and my wife has the gift of hospitality. After our third son was born, we decided to host Bible nights at our home. Having a baby was a great excuse to begin asking people to come to us. And it transformed our relationships.

Our family was now all taking part in the discipleship relationship with refugee families and the young men coming to our home. They were able to see the commands of Jesus lived out in our family. It changed a lot of their preconceived ideas of what Christians are like. They began to understand through our family’s relationship with them and the Holy Spirit what Christ is like on an everyday basis.

Love on Display

As my language got better I understood their lives better, and also spent time in their homes. What most Hazara men have said is that the greatest impact of our time together is not theology, but learning what love looks like. Jesus’ radical love is the greatest gift they have witnessed.

Today, I am a well-respected pastoral figure and teacher in all of their community. Our time and attention showed them Jesus who humbled himself to come down, fully man, into a culture that he took part of so that he could show them love. They have gotten a taste of how Jesus understands them as a people and culture, and loves them enough to spend time in their homes eating meals and doing daily life together.

Supported by All Nations

We are so grateful to have a Pastoral Care Coach through All Nations who lived on the mission field with his wife and children. His coaching has been invaluable in teaching me to become a better disciple maker and teacher, and to see Jesus as my patient teacher and Father.

In addition, the training we received through All Nations made kingdom work accessible to all – to people from any education level, background, culture, and even age. We (including our kids!) were equipped to easily share stories about Jesus and teach Jesus’ commands to our friends – to whole families – because of the simple and reproducible methods we learned at our All Nations training.

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