person alone on benchHow many people have you dismissed as a lost cause simply because of how they looked? Maybe a man with a bushy beard and hair in a pony tail, a woman with tattoos, or maybe someone in business attire. Our human tendency is to judge these stereotypes or prejudices we’ve developed over time and not give them the time of day.

Aren’t you glad that Jesus treated people as individuals and accepted them with love and compassion? I think of the woman Jesus met at the well–a Samaritan woman no less. A Jewish man talking to a Samaritan woman. Unheard of! But yet, He did, and look what happened. An evangelist was born and she quickly began to spread the Good News.

At All Nations we never try to judge a book (person) by its cover. We ask Jesus to see them like He sees them and share from a heart of compassion.

Everyone thirsts for something. Jesus said that everyone who drinks regular water will thirst again. “…whoever drinks the water I give him will never thirst” (John 4:14). Lost causes…are really opportunities.

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