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Are you praying about going to the field, and wondering if you and All Nations would make a good team? Here are some key aspects of who we are, a basic description of a pathway to the field with us, questions to ask yourself and God – and a way to get in touch so we can talk!

Shared Mission

While All Nations’ missionaries have many different roles on the field, they all share the same mission: to make disciples and train leaders to ignite church planting movements among neglected peoples on the earth.

High Values

Beyond sharing a sense of mission, it is important for people to be sent by an organization that they trust and is a good fit for them. All Nations’ stated values are:

  1. Living in Loving Obedience to Jesus and His Commands
  2. Holy Spirit Led
  3. Simple, Reproducible Multiplication
  4. Working for the Good of Others
  5. Every Believer Plays a Part
  6. Excellence

In addition to these values, our missionaries shared what THEY most value about All Nations in a series of blogs in September 2022. Click through to read what they had to say about:

Different Pathways

We have missionaries who are full-time church planters, students, retired, and professionals. While their roles look different, they are all engaged directly or in support of making disciples and igniting church planting movements among neglected peoples. Every pathway requires different levels of financial partnership with others. Some people are fully financially supported through partnership with individuals and churches, and others do work that requires little or no additional financial partnership.

Common Training

What remains the same for each person with All Nations is their training – each person will complete our three-week Church Planting Experience training, and will participate in our nine-month virtual internship. They will also have ongoing access to church planting coaching and pastoral care when they are on the field.

Questions for Your Journey

Are you dreaming about fresh expressions of spiritual community that look like Jesus in places that have never experienced him before? Do you want to see those believers transform their whole community?

What do you see in Scripture that you don’t see in reality, and what would it look like to partner with Jesus to bring it about?

Ask God: “What do I have in my hands (my life, skills, relationships and resources) that you might want to use for your purposes?” (Thanks for the question, Cindy and Todd!)

Get in Touch!

Christina would love to talk more. Send her an email now: .

Learn about getting trained to ignite a church planting movement (as a full time missionary or a tentmaker!), and the path to the field with All Nations.

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